After a few busy mornings at the High School, I made my way into Outreach this morning. I’m not sure how many students I’ll actually have this term there, but I know the marking will start to pile up eventually. Before the marking gets too hectic, the DH asked me to look over the 30 modules this term to see if there are better ways to improve them before the students write diplomas. Maybe there could be a better way to streamline them, so the diploma doesn’t come too much out of left-field. Hmmm. I do have a few thoughts and opinions about the standardized testing that determines the fate of many of these students, but as one brand new temporary teacher there isn’t much that can be done about the inexorable.

I skimmed the modules and definitely saw some areas for improvement, but the question of how much do I really want to take on popped into my head. I’m not saying that I don’t want to make the modules better or offer some insight that I have, but I have a tendency to overthink and mess with things until they don’t even look like how they started. For example, back in university I was the copy editor for professional writing class. I was simply supposed to dot the i’s and get rid of bad commas. I could not restrain my editorial eye. I reworked and rewrote some of my colleagues articles much to the chagrin of the chief editor.

I have to remember that I’m still very new at all this, and that I don’t have to impose all my ideas and thoughts into everything. I want to be about change and flexible, but remember that there are still guidelines and curriculum. However, the fun part will start to happen soon when the students trickle in, and hopefully I’ll be able to ask what they need and follow through.


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