An Even Eleven

I haven’t really written about my time at Outreach yet, so today is an Outreach post. Half of my teaching assignment is working with students who for whatever reason aren’t attending regular classes at the high school. Last year, I was the hodgepodge teacher, so I had to mark a lot of the one credit modules. This term I’m the English teacher. I wasn’t sure how many students I would have, but it’s been great to have a couple of modules trickling in every day. I’ve tried to make my marking meaningful by giving a lot of comments. Some students will be there everyday, but others will only be in once and awhile, so I need to leave feedback that I hope they will look at.

Another pleasant treat that I get as the new guy at Outreach, is the honor of being the Foods grader/guinea pig. My first dish to sample was a bran muffin. It wasn’t too bad. It was moist and flavorful. I’ve been told that the dishes can get a little more creative as the term rolls on. I actually don’t mind, but it would be hard to give feedback that doesn’t seem mean for Foods by distance ed.

Today, I actually had more than one conversation with the students downstairs. I fielded questions about filing a complaint at a theater, what experiences should they write about friendship, and grammar tips. I’m glad that they are getting to be more comfortable with me. I do love teaching, but like I said previously, the best part of teaching is building those relationships and watching them achieve something. It’s even more important to see at Outreach because for some this could be a last chance of sorts for their education, and I doubt that I’ll help inspire all of them, but maybe I can at least encourage one student to become a life long learner. I left with that thought in my head while Grandma walked down the stairs with chili, buns, and brownies for the students. Mmm, I’ll have to stay for one of those lunches sometime this term.


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