Some days do indeed have feelings. Yesterday had that feeling of almost there, but really not quite at all. The only real bit to reflect on is that I still can’t find what every students answered using the Senteos with my 10’s. I can now see the percentages of correct for each question, but I want to know how many students chose which distracter. I will have to continue to tinker with the program, but at least it motivated a few of my 10’s. There is something about new technology that some students love. Not necessarily software, but hardware can be something tangible for them. Some didn’t know the answers for the quiz, but they were anxiously awaiting the next one, so they could punch in their response.

I forgot to tell them that the text answer had a limited number of characters, so many of them went a bit overboard and had to delete for a while. The texting style question is not as thorough as I’d like, so I’ll have to use for a fill-in-the-blanks and not opinion based. One student even asked to have a test everyday, but little does she know that I’ll mostly use these for grammar spot checks. I know that some people find grammar old school and not necessarily relevant since there are spell checks and grammar checks on the computer, but we don’t live exclusively in the electronic world. We still need to speak and write occasionally. It saddens me a little when I see a little mistake that could have been easily corrected if that person was gently reminded about a certain word order or where that comma actually goes. I blame Mr. Payne for all those grammar lessons that never left my high school brain.



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