Four Teens and a Prezi

The other day a teacher I met via Twitter wrote a blog about teaching skills, and I thought for a long time about that. I thought about how skills will lead students to knowledge. However, I think I’ve been taking for granted my impression of what kids should know these days. I might have been overloading a few of them. Turning skills into more knowledge and confusing the topics a bit more for them. I’ve spent a few days now trying to reflect and figure out if less is more and more is just more. I couldn’t really answer the question myself, so I sought out the help of my colleagues. Actually, I’ve been talking to them a lot lately.

Colleagues is something I forgot that I missed about teaching. While in Korea, I chatted with other teachers all the time. Lunches and breaks were some of the more memorable moments at school. I subbed  for a while, and sure I’d recognize and have small talk with other teachers, but I was never really part of the community. I know that I’m still new, and I don’t know how long I’ll be at this school, but taking those moments at the end of the day to know that we’re all in the same boat is reassuring.

After school, I stopped into talk to a teacher about bridging the technology gap with some students. He gave me some advice, but in the end it really was just comforting to hear that someone else knows the same ups and downs that I’ve been going through. To know that there are indeed answers to questions and people who care. It’s silly when I forget that school is more than windows and doors, more than students, it really is the whole community that holds each other up.


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