If only I made a 15 second phone call…

I actually had the chance to stay in Spruce this weekend. It’s been a tough haul going back and forth from Spruce to Wainwright every weekend, but you have to do what you can for your family. I did hang out with friends for a bit, but I mostly prepped for my next units. I finished all my ideas for Romeo & Juliet then shifted my focus to the Perfect Storm to finish my non-fiction unit. I thought that the Perfect Storm would be a great fit for my class. I know that we’re land locked in Alberta, but many Albertans know what it’s like to make some quick money and travel back and forth because of Fort Mac. It’s important to me to make sure that if we do a long work, my students can relate to it in some way. I was pretty excited about this choice and put it into my plans back in June. I sent a quick email to the secretary at the book depository, so she’d set some aside. She replied quickly asking if that was a story in an anthology because she didn’t have any book by that name. Ugh. I really should have checked sooner.



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