Eighteen to Life

We started Romeo & Juliet today with my 10’s. They aren’t really use to dealing with sexual innuendo in a text. I expected some of the giggles, but some seemed rather appalled. I tried to explain that Shakespeare’s double meanings are one of the reasons he became such a popular writer at the time, but everyone got caught up on “I am a pretty piece of flesh.”

Today was awards day at my school. Regardless of some opinions of the place of awards in schools, I do think that anytime you get a chance to have parent, student and staff come together there can be positives. I think it’s amazing that some parents get a chance to be proud and want to be proud of their children from time to time. There can be so much apathy and negativity around these kids, and any time someone gets to beam a smile or pat them on the back, the positive vibes must rub off a little.

I know that some educators will argue that rewarding/segregating students based on any kind of merit is detrimental to an inclusive environment. I tend to agree with some of what my administrators said last night. I doubt that many students begin the year with an award from the school in mind. They haven’t penciled off study or workout with their eyes on a little plaque in mind. What they do is live a determined school life. It’s the dedication and respect to learning that is acknowledged. Perhaps they don’t need a token to tell them that, but then again is anyone else in their lives is reminding them of how amazing they are?


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