I Got Nothing for 23

I attempted to encourage my students to add a comment to a twitter chat yesterday. On Wednesday, we spent some time talking about our digital footprint and being responsible online. I assumed that since the same kind of chat was taking place online, my students would want to add a quick idea. However, they are still a little guarded. Maybe they were a bit spooked about the Internet after googling themselves. I even found out that Montana thinks I live there (a longer story).

We didn’t end up posting a comment, but we did talk a little about accountability of our comments. I likened the idea of thinking of anonymous negative posting as a rioter wearing a mask. They think no one will know them, but everyone still sees the damage they do, and eventually they may get unmasked. Then we talked about how people who help build schools and houses, and why they don’t wear disguises. In the end, it was a small reminder that we choose our digital identity, and I hope some of my students will try to build something they can be proud of and accountable for.



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