Imagine a Virtual Outreach Class of 26

My pile of marking at Outreach keeps growing, but it is giving me great practice to memorize all the module questions. Soon I’ll know every English module backwards and forward. I am no expert and I don’t plan on trying to change the world, but at times I wonder about how distance education can be different for some of the stuff I’m grading. I know that online courses for universities and virtual schools are getting better all the time, but what can be done about the simple paper versions we have out here. I know that we can’t go completely online because of budget issues, so I wonder about the material at times. Is it possible to transform these paper modules into more than just question and answer? I know that whoever designed the course really tried to vary the sources of material to be somewhat diverse, but the delivery is all the same. Maybe I’ll put those few classes of university design into use when my pile dwindles a bit more. Hmm.


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