The Big 3-0

It was a rather an anti-climactic day. I talked yesterday about making learning authentic then I read a few blogs about teacher fatigue and thought about ways to avoid it. Yet, my day was uneventful because I rested on my laurels. We ended up doing the usual English class stuff.

We went over a few Shakespeare questions then split our desks to perform a scene. Some were engaged, and the only real tactic I had for getting them all into it was to remind them of the raunchy innuendo that Shakespeare like to weave into the play. We had spent the last few classes building attribute webs online, so I thought we needed to get through more of the play before we tackle another project. I think that since I haven’t technically been at this very long, I’m a bit fearful of taking a big risk and teaching Shakespeare too far from the model that most teachers teach it. I’d like to just focus on a few key scenes by letting the students figure out a better way into the text, but then I worry about the timeline of the class and the finals in a few months.

In my second block we just read a bit from our novel and discussed character motivations and skill sets. Very much like vanilla, some students paid attention because they enjoy the book, but the lesson was not flavorful enough to hold everyone all the time. Perhaps today I’ll pick something up from the guest speaker and roll with that instead of continuing with a plain novel study lesson.

I really do want to do more with my classes, and I talk and write about it. I think I’ve done quite a bit outside of the box, but I haven’t thrown the box away. Maybe so I can run back and hide under it when I feel overwhelmed. One day I’ll throw it away, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet.


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