Thirty-Two Plus Maybe One

Friday was fairly low-key. One of my students was pumped to add to our division’s blog project. She was moved after the guest speaker on Thursday, so she wrote a blog. I am a fan of people who get inspired to write. I remember writing on every single scrap of paper I could find during university. When I moved back to Canada, I dug through my room to figure out what to keep and I had boxes of notebooks, sticky notes, receipts, and loose-leaf full of terrible writing. I packed it all up, and maybe one day I’ll find some gems in there. I hope that I can teach my students that writing is actually rewriting and more rewriting.

I gave my class time to work on their projects, and we had two surprise visits. I talked to someone about adding another student to my block four class. It might be a tight squeeze especially with the 28 guy to 4 girl ratio in there, but it might be nice to change the dynamic a bit in that class. After that quick visit, one of the assistant principals came by to check out what the kids were up to since we had the laptops. Many of them were eager to show him what we’ve been doing, and I did feel a bit of class pride as he took a peek and was impressed by what he saw so far. I’m not showing my students how to do these things for attention from the school, but I think they also get a kick out having other people interested in how they are learning.


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