I Don’t Remember my Thirty-Third day as a Sub

Yesterday was my first time making a full set of sub-plans. I made a few changes to my regular routine, but tried to keep the learning and expectations the same as when I teach. Sometimes calling in a sub takes a bit more effort because I don’t want to interrupt too much of the flow the class has going, but I also have to consider that many students feel that it is okay to relax their level of respect when they get a sub. I know what it’s like to be a sub since I did it for two years, and I know that some classes are better than others, but it’s also about familiarity with certain subs too. I want to try to call in the same sub if I can for the most consistency for my students. The students that treated me the best were from the schools that I would make an appearance at more often than not.

In fact, on my first day this year, a small set of students recognized me from a one-shot sub day I did for their class. They laughed because they recalled how awful they were to subs. I shrugged my shoulders and carried on because I know that other students recognized me from better times. When I was on bus supervision a few weeks ago, I got more high fives and random hugs from former students than snickers of rough times. I know that subs won’t always make an impact, but I also know that I felt a bit of professional pride as I strolled the bus transfer site and had students tell me that they missed me.


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