34 ELA Teachers In One Room…

I was not in class yesterday but at a session on essay assessment instead. Although I don’t believe that essays are the be all and end all of student writing, I believe that good writing takes practice, and I need to know what to look for, so I can help guide my students to communicate better. While digging through the piles of student writing, I made sure to stay focused and look for specific indicators that would help me come up with better idea or understanding of how students interpret a topic and support it. I made a few notes on some of the tendencies, but generally I found it interesting to read over the thoughts of unknown students.

The best part of PD is connecting with teachers outside of the classroom. I’ve always been a people-watcher and enjoy inventing stories about others, but today I tried to refrain from that, so I could collaborate and chat with the teachers in our department. I think it’s great that the department at my school are all serious and passionate about wanting to teach our kids as best we can, but I’m also glad that we all have a similar sense of humour. We’re all a bit self-deprecating and love the ironies in life. It makes a full day of PD go by smoother when we can have a small chuckle here or there.


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