Just Shy of $41

With days running out in Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to make sure that I had at least one class make an effort to wear some pink. And with a day’s notice, I had a bunch of students don some pink on Thursday. Some were more decked out than others, but at least they had given more than a passing thought to my craziness. I feel like I’ve been a bit pushy with the social agenda lately, but I really don’t see why we can’t use some of our abundant resources to help others.

My wife and I have had more than a few personal connections to losses from cancer, so it mattered a great deal to me. On Wednesday when I asked the class to wear pink the next day, one student blurted out that there was no point to wearing colours for any cause because no one really pays attention or cares. Maybe that was why I left school a little deflated that night and I wasn’t sure if anything would come of my request. Even before I got to school in the afternoon a student tweeted me to let me know that she was wearing pink, so I smiled. I’ve learned that small moments are the ones worth savouring. I didn’t get the sea of pink that I had hoped for, but a few waves were good enough for me. I know it wasn’t a lot, but I did personally donate $2 for each of my students wearing pink that day to cancer research. I just hope that the ripples reach a few of them, and they won’t feel like no one is paying attention.



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