She Screamed, “Because It’s Good For You.” 43 Times

Apathy and a lack of valuing each other could drive a person crazy if he/she focused solely on the negative folks in this world. I took a deep breath after a few moments and chose to not let those kind of people ruin my day. Instead, I reminded myself about the great parts of my day like the echo of screams I heard for close to an hour.

I wanted to be more active in school this year, so I chose to help out with Student Council this year. A few weeks ago the suggestion of running a haunted house for Halloween popped up. No one really knew what to expect, and to be frank, I doubted that it was going to happen. However, one of the students made it her focus to make it happen. We enlisted the help of the drama teacher, and this idea became reality. We collected set pieces, actors, lights and fog. For a free show with volunteers and limited budget, I was quite impressed. There were different sections of strangeness like crazy doll-lady, ravenous cannibals, operations going wrong, intensive shock therapy, and cookie indulging siblings. I was impressed with the group of students that all came together in their free time to do something for the school. Not for fame or recognition, but because they wanted to do something fun for everyone.

As we were cleaning up the aftermath of doll parts, cookies, fluff, severed limbs, and blood soaked rags, I wanted to thank the drama teacher for his zaniness and dedication to help make this a reality. I told him he went above and beyond the call of duty for these kids. He simply responded, “When I see these kids care and put in all their effort, I can’t help but do everything I can for them.” It is easy to forget how inspiring some students can be. I guess my challenge isn’t just about focusing my attention on the kids that get it already, but finding a way to reach everyone, so they can eventually be that source of inspiration for someone else.


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